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Bible text: “And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, He [Jesus] interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.”
(Luke 24:27) 

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For extra blessing, read the whole chapter in which the text is found.
For guidance in reading through the whole Bible and for systematic Bible study, please contact us.
(Bible Reference example:  “Hebrews 13:8” means the Book of Hebrews, in the New Testament, chapter 13, verse 8)

This month:

July 2019

Date Day Text Bible reference
1 Monday The LORD ... has redeemed my life 1 Kings 1:29
2 Tuesday He always lives to make intercession Hebrews 7:25
3 Wednesday You are my hope in the day of doom Jeremiah 17:17
4 Thursday Oh, that You would ... keep me from evil 1 Chronicles 4:10
5 Friday I will fear no evil; for You are with me Psalm 23:4
6 Saturday The Lord ... is longsuffering towards us 2 Peter 3:9
7 Sunday Trust in the LORD with all your heart Proverbs 3:5
8 Monday Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good Psalm 34:8
9 Tuesday There is no other name ... by which we must be saved Acts 4:12
10 Wednesday Stand fast in the faith 1 Corinthians 16:13
11 Thursday My God will enlighten my darkness Psalm 18:28
12 Friday If any of you lacks wisdom ... ask of God James 1:5
13 Saturday The testing of your faith produces patience James 1:3
14 Sunday His mercy endures forever Psalm 107:1
15 Monday I will hear what God the LORD will speak Psalm 85:8
16 Tuesday By strength no man shall prevail 1 Samuel 2:9
17 Wednesday Great is our LORD, and mighty in power Psalm 147:5
18 Thursday Return to Me says the LORD of hosts Zechariah 1:3
19 Friday The worlds were framed by the Word of God Hebrews 11:3
20 Saturday Not one ... is forgotten before God Luke 12:6
21 Sunday He will not leave you nor forsake you Deuteronomy 31:6
22 Monday Redeemed ... with the precious blood of Christ 1 Peter 1:18,19
23 Tuesday His name alone is exalted Psalm 148:13
24 Wednesday The name of the LORD is a strong tower Proverbs 18:10
25 Thursday Trust in Him at all times Psalm 62:8
26 Friday He who promised is faithful Hebrews 10:23
27 Saturday I am He who lives, and was dead Revelation 1:18
28 Sunday Behold, I am alive for evermore Revelation 1:18
29 Monday With God all things are possible Mark 10:27
30 Tuesday God is our refuge and strength Psalm 46:1
31 Wednesday It is good for me to draw near to God Psalm 73:28



Next month:

August 2019

Date Day Text Bible reference
1 Thursday The Son of Man has come to seek and to save Luke 19:10
2 Friday To You I will pray Psalm 5:2
3 Saturday I am continually with You Psalm 73:23
4 Sunday He ... set my feet upon a rock Psalm 40:2
5 Monday He ... established my steps Psalm 40:2
6 Tuesday He offered Himself without blemish to God Hebrews 9:14
7 Wednesday Every day I will bless You Psalm 145:2
8 Thursday Search me, O God and know my heart Psalm 139:23
9 Friday His understanding is infinite Psalm 147:5
10 Saturday Remember now your Creator Ecclesiastes 12:1
11 Sunday Christ will give you light Ephesians 5:14
12 Monday Walk as children of light Ephesians 5:8
13 Tuesday Put your trust in the LORD Psalm 4:5
14 Wednesday Teach me Your way, O LORD Psalm 27:11
15 Thursday The LORD surrounds His people Psalm 125:2
16 Friday He heals the brokenhearted Psalm 147:3
17 Saturday Seek the Lord and live Amos 5:6
18 Sunday In God is my salvation and my glory Psalm 62:7
19 Monday Whoever finds Me finds life Proverbs 8:35
20 Tuesday The goodness of God endures continually Psalm 52:1
21 Wednesday Surely He has borne our griefs Isaiah 53:4
22 Thursday He has ... carried our sorrows Isaiah 53:4
23 Friday He laid down His life for us 1 John 3:16
24 Saturday Justified by His blood Romans 5:9
25 Sunday Look to Me, and be saved Isaiah 45:22
26 Monday Death is swallowed up in victory 1 Corinthians 15:54
27 Tuesday My Redeemer lives Job 19:25
28 Wednesday Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last Revelation 1:17
29 Thursday He has sent redemption to His people Psalm 111:9
30 Friday I am the LORD your God ... your Saviour Isaiah 43:3
31 Saturday I am the LORD ... there is no God besides Me Isaiah 45:5